seattle home maternity

Our original reason for choosing Seattle Home Maternity was merely because it was the only south-end home birth choice we had with our insurance. However, after our experience, I feel the need to proclaim just how amazing and impressive it is. In the months leading up to birth, the care and screening was great, but for right now I would like to focus on Heather Chorley’s care during labor.

Lei’s water broke a full day before labor began, and while the hospital requested we come in for induction, Heather monitored both mother and baby for safety and gave us the information we needed to make the decision to be patient. This paid off, as labor finally began naturally.

Throughout the night, Heather’s demeanor was ideal for helping Lei be as soothed and relaxed as possible, making labor easier and safer. She never surprised Lei with demanding instructions, but instead asked Lei to do the recommended techniques “when she was ready.” Even after the birth, when Lei had some tearing and some bleeding, Heather saw that it was quickly stitched up and solved in our home.

In large part due to the excellent care and advice from Seattle Home Maternity Service, Lei had her ideal home birth, and our daughter is happy and healthy. If you are a person who values natural birth in a traditional environment such as your home, I urge you to seek the care of these spectacular women.

Joshua, Lei, and Kazune
Joshua, Lei, and Kazune