Birth / Delivery Services

Birth / Delivery Services

Home or Birth Center – You Choose

You may choose to give birth in your home or in a birth center. In either setting the midwife will evaluate your early labor, spend active labor with you and support you during your birth.

We will evaluate your vital signs and your baby’s well-being regularly, making sure there is normal progression during your labor and birth. We provide suggestions for pain relief, emotional support and encouragement, and attend to your sense of security and safety throughout.

Families may participate as much as you wish and your choice of support people is entirely up to you. Normal newborn care is provided without separation from the parents and we encourage skin-to-skin contact. The monitoring continues after birth to ensure normal recovery and adaptation for all. After delivering at the birth center you may go home as soon as two hours after birth; the typical length of stay is under four hours.

Your midwife, in either setting, will remain with you until you are completely comfortable without her. Should transfer to a hospital be needed, we contact the hospital, accompany you to the hospital and assist in making the plan of care there. We offer support and advocacy during the transition to the hospital, resuming your postpartum care upon discharge.