Let our experience be your guide

Let our experience be your guide

We are a practice of Certified Professional Midwives who are licensed in Washington and have been safely delivering babies for over 40 years in the Seattle area. Our years of experience – your pregnancy, your birth.

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I can’t say enough good things about these women. They are pros at what they do, they work well as a team. They are compassionate, skilled, intelligent, and caring human beings. They are impressive. They go beyond the words of a midwife for me. Being pregnant during CV was emotionally difficult, and these ladies were so supportive and a strong force for me through my whole experience.I’m writing this review after my home birth. They were incredible, words can’t express how grateful we are for the tremendous care during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. I couldn’t be more pleased, the… Read more


I love coming to my appointments in Columbia City—and it’s not just that I get to go to Roy’s BBQ :). I feel like I’m stepping into a good friend’s home, not a clinic. It’s been so fun to see Tess go from fearful and crying when I would get examined, to wanting to help every step of the way. I really appreciate the unhurried visits where we can ask as many questions as we need, and we can talk about our lives and be supported. And boy did I appreciate your extra support during this challenging year. And Pam, I love that you love it when I bring Tess. I feel like we get welcomed wit… Read more

Maija, mother of Tess and Eamon

Our original reason for choosing Seattle Home Maternity was merely because it was the only south-end home birth choice we had with our insurance. However, after our experience, I feel the need to proclaim just how amazing and impressive it is. In the months leading up to birth, the care and screening was great, but for right now I would like to focus on Heather Chorley’s care during labor.

Lei’s water broke a full day before labor began, and while the hospital requested we come in for induction, Heather monitored both mother and baby for safety and gave us the information we needed to make the… Read more

Joshua, Lei, and Kazune
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