This is a fantastic group of midwives. They are truly holistic in that they allow your birth to progress naturally while also having a strong sense of evidence based medical care. I always felt safe and that their care was in my and my baby’s best interest.

My first delivery was in a hospital and I wish I had gone with SHMS. My second delivery was at their Columbia City birth center. It was night and day the difference in a non-traumatic delivery, a comfortable environment, getting home quickly, better breastfeeding support, being listened to and encouraged and coached gently, and not rushing anything (except for when urgency was needed). They met me and my baby where we were and supplied just the right support at the right times. I used no pain killers and was not induced. I had a 10lb baby and didn’t have any perineal tearing. Amazing!

My husband was skeptical at first and they made him a believer in the quality and safety of midwifery. They do all of the normal safety testing and ensure things are progressing healthily. Even when I was having some post birth complications, we both felt confident in how they managed it and got me stable quickly and listened to me and were so attentive.

If you are considered SHMS I encourage you to meet them. Don’t let the worries of “what if” keep you away from midwives or a birth center.


Incredible, life-changing care.  These ladies are not only dedicated, warm, and extremely knowledgeable, but they are contributing to a positive culture of birth that can be hard to come by in 2018, even in a city as “alternative” as Seattle.  I cannot recommend them enough.  Even if you are only just beginning to consider an out-of-hospital birth, talk to these folks and learn what’s possible.  We’ve been lucky enough to have four home births, assisted with love and care by Seattle Home Maternity.


Deeply personal support throughout pregnancy and delivery. I feel so lucky to have had my first baby with these exceptional practitioners.


I cannot speak more highly of these wonderful women. I had my last check up today after having a home birth with my first baby and I was genuinely so sad to have my final check up with them because during our pregnancy journey they have really felt like family.

I never felt rushed during check ups, I always felt like I was able to ask my many bizarre and random questions. All communication was extremely prompt and I felt like they were available for any questions (big or small) if I needed help in any way. I felt like I was enabled to have the birth experience I really wanted to have with the very professional and kind support of the midwives of SHMS. I HIGHLY recommend them!!


Just had my final visit with SHM and I am sad to leave their outstanding care. The midwives are deeply knowledgeable on all things pregnancy and birth, and they are exceptional educators. The environment is professional while also feeling like a big welcoming family. All questions and concerns of mine throughout pregnancy were answered promptly and thoroughly and with so much information provided during our in person visits and our communication via the online portal. We never had to wait to be seen for appointments as is common with traditional doctors offices, and the organization and clinic itself are very warm and welcoming. The birth center is cozy and comfortable, and the tub was an excellent perk of delivering there. These are some of the most hard working and passionate women I know, and I highly recommend SHM to any woman interested in pursuing an out of hospital birth.


I can’t say enough good things about these women. They are pros at what they do, they work well as a team. They are compassionate, skilled, intelligent, and caring human beings. They are impressive. They go beyond the words of a midwife for me. Being pregnant during the pandemic was emotionally difficult, and these ladies were so supportive and a strong force for me through my whole experience. I’m writing this review after my home birth. They were incredible, words can’t express how grateful we are for the tremendous care during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. I couldn’t be more pleased, they will always hold a place in our hearts. Thank you Katherine and Heather for being such rockstars and giving woman during this time such great care. <3


They are the best birth team. They’ve been respectful of my wishes throughout the process. They will advocate for you to have the kind of birth you want. I had a complication-free home birth attended by their highly trained and qualified staff. It was a positive experience beginning to end. They are very balanced between a holistic approach and more active management when the situation calls for it. Prior to this pregnancy I had a miscarriage and the midwives at this practice were very compassionate, and made me feel supported and listened to. No regrets going with them, it was definitely the right call.


I had the birth and postpartum experience of my dreams here. The two midwives at SHM, Heather and Katherine, are gentle, compassionate, skilled, and experienced. They operate as a team – when you meet with one it’s like you’ve met with both, because they are so communicative and detail-oriented. Midwives work tiring hours, and yet when you meet with them, they make you feel like you’re their only patient. I loved my quiet, private birth at the Columbia City birth center. Heather radiated confidence and competence and I felt safe and in control. Afterward, my newborn received all the same care and testing as at a hospital, but in gentle, unobtrusive home visits. They took such good care of me and I could not be more grateful.



We are grateful for you and all you’ve done to help bring both of our girls into the world.  Your calming presence anchored me and helped me feel seen, heard, cared for and therefore confident.  I felt I could truly let go and surrender to my birth with you there.  You are a wealth of knowledge and the women who you help are lucky you’ve chosen this path.  We can’t thank or appreciate you enough.


Brooks was everything I hoped to find when I sought out prenatal care that was attentive, empowering, and holistic. She is immensely knowledgeable about the medical aspects of pregnancy and birth, and also deeply honors the emotional journey with her unwavering presence and compassion. When I was facing complications during my pregnancy, Brooks took lots of time to help me understand what was happening so I could make informed decisions about my care. I always felt very cared for and supported during visits, and especially during and after the birth. She truly brings wisdom, curiosity, and passion to her work. Every decision felt collaborative and I had the opportunity to fully participate in my prenatal care. It meant the world when Brooks met my baby after being such an important part of my pregnancy!