seattle home maternity

Hello to Marge, Heather, (& Suzy) –

We thought of you all on June 30th as we celebrated Elias Pablo’s 6th birthday. His birth in the snug little basement of SHM was transformative. We send our love to you all on this day every year.

We are currently living in Kinshasa, DRCongo, have added Marja Lucy, age 2, to the family, and are all doing quite well. Some of my work involves a prenatal clinic system in the city and I am constantly reminded that with the minimum of equipment, a good understanding of the basics, and community support, safe, transformative birth can and should be extended to even the most vulnerable. Your work was among the first to inspire this understanding in me – so thank you!

We hope all is well with each of you and SHM.

Jill H, Johan G, Elias & Marja
Jill H, Johan G, Elias & Marja