seattle home maternity

This is a fantastic group of midwives. They are truly holistic in that they allow your birth to progress naturally while also having a strong sense of evidence based medical care. I always felt safe and that their care was in my and my baby’s best interest.

My first delivery was in a hospital and I wish I had gone with SHMS. My second delivery was at their Columbia City birth center. It was night and day the difference in a non-traumatic delivery, a comfortable environment, getting home quickly, better breastfeeding support, being listened to and encouraged and coached gently, and not rushing anything (except for when urgency was needed). They met me and my baby where we were and supplied just the right support at the right times. I used no pain killers and was not induced. I had a 10lb baby and didn’t have any perineal tearing. Amazing!

My husband was skeptical at first and they made him a believer in the quality and safety of midwifery. They do all of the normal safety testing and ensure things are progressing healthily. Even when I was having some post birth complications, we both felt confident in how they managed it and got me stable quickly and listened to me and were so attentive.

If you are considered SHMS I encourage you to meet them. Don’t let the worries of “what if” keep you away from midwives or a birth center.