Prenatal Services

Prenatal Services

Over the course of your pregnancy and prenatal appointments, we will make every effort to ensure that you see and get to know all of our midwives.

Initial Appointment

Once you’ve decided to become our client, you’ll come in for a lengthy individual initial visit. We will…

  • discuss your health history
  • talk about your nutrition
  • perform a physical exam (as needed)
  • discuss and decide on laboratory tests you might need or want, including ultrasounds
  • carefully review any prenatal care records obtained from other providers, if appropriate

1st and 2nd Trimester – Monthly Prenatal Appointments

Monthly prenatal appointments occur every month until the third trimester of pregnancy. You will meet with one of our midwives and we will…

  • talk about any concerns you might have
  • perform a physical exam
  • get to know you and your birth and delivery preferences
  • monitor your overall progress

3rd Trimester – Biweekly and Weekly Prenatal Appointments

In the third trimester you will have biweekly prenatal appointments, and then, as you approach your due date, weekly prenatal appointments. These appointments will be similar to earlier prenatal appointments, with an increasing emphasis on defining your needs and addressing any concerns.

Planning a Home Birth?

If you are having a home birth, we will visit you in your home once during the last month of your pregnancy to assist you further in planning your home birth.

Planning a Birth Center Birth?

If you are considering a birth center birth, we suggest you tour the birth center of your choice during your pregnancy so you are familiar with the facility.