What hospitals do you use if transfer is needed?

It depends upon insurance coverage. We transfer to Swedish Medical Center and UW Medical Center most often when needed.

Is midwifery care covered by insurance?

Yes! Almost all of the private plans with maternity coverage will cover our services as well as state insurance (DSHS). Our insurance billing specialist (Ingrid Skjelstad) works to verify coverage for each of our clients.

Is midwifery care safe?

Yes, studies show that for healthy individuals who have healthy pregnancies, midwifery care is a safe option. Here is a link to resources for more detailed information: http://www.washingtonmidwives.org/for-consumers/current-research-consumers.html

Can I have an ultrasound?

While Seattle Home Maternity does not perform ultrasounds, we can refer you to a trusted third party provider and review results with you. The cost of an ultrasound is not part of our services and will be billed separately, by the third party provider, to your insurance.

Can I have a water birth?

The SHM midwives have attended many water births and would be happy to talk to you about birthing in the water.

Do you practice delayed cord clamping?


Who is a good candidate for our midwifery care?

Any healthy person who desires midwifery care and wants to birth at home or in a birth center.