Let our experience be your guide

Let our experience be your guide

We are a practice of Certified Professional Midwives who are licensed in Washington and have been safely delivering babies for over 40 years in the Seattle area. Our years of experience – your pregnancy, your birth.

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Incredible, life-changing care.  These ladies are not only dedicated, warm, and extremely knowledgeable, but they are contributing to a positive culture of birth that can be hard to come by in 2018, even in a city as “alternative” as Seattle.  I cannot recommend them enough.  Even if you are only just beginning to consider an out-of-hospital birth, talk to these folks and learn what’s possible.  We’ve been lucky enough to have four home births, assisted with love and care by Seattle Home Maternity.


I cannot speak more highly of these wonderful women. I had my last check up today after having a home birth with my first baby and I was genuinely so sad to have my final check up with them because during our pregnancy journey they have really felt like family.

I never felt rushed during check ups, I always felt like I was able to ask my many bizarre and random questions. All communication was extremely prompt and I felt like they were available for any questions (big or small) if I needed help in any way. I felt like I was enabled to have the birth experience I really wanted to have with the … Read more


I had the birth and postpartum experience of my dreams here. The two midwives at SHM, Heather and Katherine, are gentle, compassionate, skilled, and experienced. They operate as a team – when you meet with one it’s like you’ve met with both, because they are so communicative and detail-oriented. Midwives work tiring hours, and yet when you meet with them, they make you feel like you’re their only patient. I loved my quiet, private birth at the Columbia City birth center. Heather radiated confidence and competence and I felt safe and in control. Afterward, my newborn received all the same care … Read more

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