Let our experience be your guide

Let our experience be your guide

We are a practice of Certified Professional Midwives who are licensed in Washington and have been safely delivering babies for over 40 years in the Seattle area. Our years of experience – your pregnancy, your birth.

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They are the best birth team. They’ve been respectful of my wishes throughout the process. They will advocate for you to have the kind of birth you want. I had a complication-free home birth attended by their highly trained and qualified staff. It was a positive experience beginning to end. They are very balanced between a holistic approach and more active management when the situation calls for it. Prior to this pregnancy I had a miscarriage and the midwives at this practice were very compassionate, and made me feel supported and listened to. No regrets going with them, it was definitely th… Read more


Incredible, life-changing care.  These ladies are not only dedicated, warm, and extremely knowledgeable, but they are contributing to a positive culture of birth that can be hard to come by in 2018, even in a city as “alternative” as Seattle.  I cannot recommend them enough.  Even if you are only just beginning to consider an out-of-hospital birth, talk to these folks and learn what’s possible.  We’ve been lucky enough to have four home births, assisted with love and care by Seattle Home Maternity.


Deeply personal support throughout pregnancy and delivery. I feel so lucky to have had my first baby with these exceptional practitioners.

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