Let our experience be your guide

Let our experience be your guide

We are a practice of Certified Professional Midwives who are licensed in Washington and have been safely delivering babies for over 40 years in the Seattle area. Our years of experience – your pregnancy, your birth.

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Brooks was everything I hoped to find when I sought out prenatal care that was attentive, empowering, and holistic. She is immensely knowledgeable about the medical aspects of pregnancy and birth, and also deeply honors the emotional journey with her unwavering presence and compassion. When I was facing complications during my pregnancy, Brooks took lots of time to help me understand what was happening so I could make informed decisions about my care. I always felt very cared for and supported during visits, and especially during and after the birth. She truly brings wisdom, curiosity, and pas… Read more


This is a fantastic group of midwives. They are truly holistic in that they allow your birth to progress naturally while also having a strong sense of evidence based medical care. I always felt safe and that their care was in my and my baby’s best interest.

My first delivery was in a hospital and I wish I had gone with SHMS. My second delivery was at their Columbia City birth center. It was night and day the difference in a non-traumatic delivery, a comfortable environment, getting home quickly, better breastfeeding support, being listened to and encouraged and coached gently, and not rushing … Read more



We are grateful for you and all you’ve done to help bring both of our girls into the world.  Your calming presence anchored me and helped me feel seen, heard, cared for and therefore confident.  I felt I could truly let go and surrender to my birth with you there.  You are a wealth of knowledge and the women who you help are lucky you’ve chosen this path.  We can’t thank or appreciate you enough.

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